Camden Comedy Club presents:


Camden Comedy Club, London, GB

Pay What You Want
Entry Requirements: 18+

Two standup comedians perform hour long comedy shows for your entertainment and delight!

DIANE SPENCER “Artists use paint to depict their work, Ms Spencer uses well-crafted words and stories to illustrate her art, words that ensured her set was full of genuine laugh out loud moments.” ★★★★ One4Review “Personable, hilarious and ballsy” ★★★★ Broadway Baby Diane Spencer

CARLY SMALLMAN: Drama Queen (Work in Progress) All the world's a stage...especially when you grow up in a house full of actors, daaaaahling! Join terrible actress (but hilarious comedian) Carly Smallman for a work in progress hour of comedy about being raised by Shakespeare-quoting, curtain-calling, lunatic thespians.
As seen on ITV and BBC...although none of her family are too impressed, as they have been on telly loads more than she has. *"Smutty outspoken jolity" (The Telegraph). *