Camden Comedy Club presents:

Amadeus Martin: A History of Pet Hates

Camden Comedy Club, London, GB

Entry Requirements: 18+
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Amadeus has written a list of his ‘pet hates’. He loves the list, but making lists is one of his pet hates. With his ferocious dark humour, award winning comedian Amadeus Martin delivers a sharp-witted take on things he hates, including banning sugar in food, emergency texts, public transport etiquette & more. Amadeus may occasionally be obscene, so if you’re easily offended, do come along. “Assured & adept, adding edge” Fringe Reviews "One of the most confident & competent shows I've seen this year" Thin Evenings "Satirically addressing, his comedy deserves respect" On The Fringe “A self-deprecating & very talented comedian. One of my personal favourites” Buxton Review Time Out Critic's Choice "Comedy Pick" Evening Standard & GQ "Genius

Twitter: @AmadeusMartin