Camden Comedy Club presents:


Camden Head, London, GB

Entry Requirements: 18+

Top oddball comics trying new stuff for the price of a pint. This Is Not A Cult was recommended by TimeOut and included in their list of the top 10 Cheap/Free comedy nights in London.

“We think deliberately named to put people off” – The Londonist.


PHIL ELLIS '...Much cleverer and much more stupid than you might think' ★★★★ ( '...Genuinely, endlessly hilarious' ★★★★(Scotsman)

SOPHIE DUKER “A sparky proposition… intelligent jokes” The Independent ★★★★ Telegraph

ALI BRICE 'Joyously bonkers... the perfect level of exaggerated oddness'★★★★( 'Tear-inducingly hysterical' ★★★★(Skinny)

ALEX KEALY 'Hilariously funny'★★★★ ( 'Ferociously quick-witted'★★★★ (

SIAN DOCKSEY Telegraph's Funniest One-Liners of the Fringe 2017. 'One to Watch' (

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ALEXANDER BENNETT ★★★★★ONE4REVIEW * ★★★★THE STAGE* "Touched with madness... I don't think I can begin to do him justice; a producer and performer of some refreshingly different material" CHORTLE "Witty, weird and dark, the one to watch out for: at the spearhead of a wave of great new comics. All hail Alexander Bennett!" HARRY HILL "Warm, insane and very funny" Steven Appleby, THE GUARDIAN "His sharp interpretations of the world around him add a sinister spin to the everyday. Unique and hilarious" THE REVIEWS HUB "There’s something spookily LeStat-ish about Alexander Bennett. Just as unnerving is just how good he has become in the past five years" FRINGE PIG