Camden Comedy Club presents:


Camden Head, London, GB

Entry Requirements: 18+

Award-winning comedian Cassidy with his new critically acclaimed and award-nominated show about his crazy year. Nothing was happening, then he joined a new gym and a big, strong man would change his life forever. You couldn't make it up.

BEST SHOW NOMINEE BUXTON FRINGE 2019 'As you watch his magic carpet unwind you sense a certain eerieness, that something special is going down, but you don’t know what... something transcendent, something sorcerous. Then comes the spinejangling & euphoric Keyser Söze finale, when all will seem well in the world!’ ★★★★ Mumble Comedy Aug 2019

‘Excellent show!!!’ Trevor Lock, June 2019

'Well crafted and delivered at good pace with everyone leaving the venue with a warm feeling and a smile on their face' Buxton Fringe Review July 2019

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