Camden Comedy Club presents:

Nathan Cassidy: Bumblebee

Camden Head, London, GB

Entry Requirements: 18+

You get home. There’s a burglar. Let’s play. Multi-award nominated and critically acclaimed show from multi-award winning comedian. Bumblebee is an edge-of-your-seat, thought provoking and laugh-filled chase story as Nathan pursues his burglar and his life flashes before his eyes.
Bumblebee was nominated for multiple awards in 2021... Off West End Stage Awards Best Solo Comedy Show Buxton Fringe Best Comedy Greater Manchester Fringe “Watch a very talented and funny man construct a jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces neatly slot into place at the end...funny, astute and surprisingly warm-hearted.” ★★★★ NWE UK Manchester 2021

“Comic, and semi-tragic, memories from childhood are blended with a Charlie Brooker style take down of the villains of politics, economics and social media, from the last 12 months. For a stand up to create something which united the entire audience in laughter, oozed pathos, and in an almost tangible sense ‘connected’ the whole room, and for it to have been written in the isolation of a post-burgled house is no mean feat and testament to a very exciting talent indeed.” Mumble Comedy Edinburgh 2021